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Power Module

Because of high thermal conductivity, high electricity resistance, excellent electricity properties (Dielectric constant, dielectric loss, bulk resistivity, dielectric strength),AlN ceramics are widely applied to large scale IC package, silicon controlled rectifier,high speed conversion module,audio frequency and microwave power amplifier, photo-electron IC module, IGBT module, etc. Power modules with AlN package have been utilized in areas such as high-speed rail, new energy automotive, rail transit, solar energy electricity generation,wind power generation, energy storage of power system, smart grid etc.
Core technologies of new energy automotive include power battery, motor and control system. A lot of IGBT have to be applied to its control system, for instance motor control system, air-condition control system, battery charging system etc. As one of core components, IGBT plays very important role in new energy automotive industry.
Smart grid and energy internet require IGBT extensively for flexible AC transmission, flexible HVDC, smart transmission, new energy access etc.